The festival takes place every year on the beautiful island of Sikinos.

Sikinos remains one of the least explored destinations of the Cyclades.

Steep rocks, secret beaches and a mystic heartland surrounded by mountains and trails, which take you on a journey revealing byzantine chapels and ancient temples. The small port of Sikinos is called Alopronia. The two villages of the island, Kastro and Chorio, are located on two hillsides opposite each other. Chorio is a small maze with alleys, old houses, stone walls, narrow slopes, passages, secret corners, blooming gardens and steps. When you come up here, you must listen to the silence of a very old lost world. Don’t miss out on this sound. It’s the most valuable gift Sikinos has to offer. Kastro, built at the edge of the cliff over the sea, is an old fortified settlement of the 15th century. It’s where the heart of the place is beating. The square, the shops and cafés are the centre of the social life of the island.


Chrisopigi Monastery is built on top of the cliff, at the edge of a rock. It looks like a castle, as it is surrounded by a fortified quad. It used to be the place where the residents gathered to protect themselves during the pirate raids. Episkopi Temple is a well-preserved mausoleum of late ancient times which was afterwards transformed into a byzantine domed church. It’s a unique monument combining ancient with medieval times. During the restoration works in 2018, new impressive findings came to light: an intact tomb full of jewellery and valuable objects. The beaches of Sikinos, protected within hidden bays, are scattered around the island, offering breathtaking crystal-clear waters.

Photographs by Beater.gr for Little Islands Festival