Little Islands Festival 2022, departing from the theme Communality and with contemporary creation as a starting point, draws inspiration from the notion of community and opens a dialogue on its meaning and scope.  By reviving communities of the past, it envisions communities of the future and puts at its core the idea of collectivity, co-creation and symbiosis.

The new edition of Little Islands Festival harnesses the power of technology and presents a series of activities that place audience participation and engagement at their core. Its programme is a mixed cultural proposal with artistic activities that function both as a work of art and as an educational process and hybrid practices that transform the audience into an artist and the artist into a spectator.

The central design of the event presents artistic works from Greece and abroad that compose their own perspective on the festival’s theme. Site-Specific works, digital projections, interactive performances and installations, alternative tours, film and music inhabit the local public space of the settlement while live 3D mapping, VR and VJs offer a uniquely immersive experience. At the same time, experiential workshops for children, teenagers and adults aspire to fuel discussion and research to motivate young people to discover their creative power within their community.

The field of the central event of the festival is Sikinos, where the public spaces of the island are reconfigured into a “commonplace” to share stories and emotions, to experience our diversity and difference, to enhance our collective experience, by co-creating a platform of exchange and dialogue that gives voice to new and multiple realities in the “here” and “now”.

The 4th edition will take place from the 19th to the 22nd of August 2022.