Join us in Sikinos, 20th-23rd of August, for 4 days of summer digital art!

By clicking here you can find the detailed program of this year’s festival.

With a view to connecting the Aegean landscape to contemporary creation and the power of new media, Little Islands Festival is experimenting at the crossroads of cultural heritage and innovation and proposes an open space where we can meet and interact, a summer festival that takes the viewer on an exciting audiovisual journey.

The third LIF under the title “Living Environments” returns to the island of Sikinos from the 20th to the 23rd of August and transforms the labyrinthine public space of the Cycladic settlement into an ideal setting with outdoor screenings, exhibitions and installations. 

Forgotten buildings, churchyards, windmills and cobbled alleys, the traditional architectural lines are reinvented in a new representational idiom, a metaphorical landscape symbolizing the link between human habitation and the natural environment.

More than 60 art projects from 30 countries appropriate the public space of the settlement and propose new interpretations and correlations to the traditional element in search of a contemporary social landscape where the limits of art, nature, life are intertwined and fuel each other by weaving an active thread of dialogue with the past. Documentaries, short films, video art, animation, audiovisual performances and installations, live 3D mapping and VR, offer a new touring experience conveying ideas, images and experiences. In the context of the topic “Living Environments”, LIF also presents original site-specific projects, discussions with the artists, interactive workshops for children and alternative guided tours at Sikinos cultural heritage sites.


20:30 Old School | Opening

21:00 Old School | Documentaries

Fishermen and fishing, Leon Loisios, 1961, 22 ‘(collaboration with the Greek Film Archive)

The Last Fisherman, Vicky Markolefa, Bastian Fischer, 2018, 12 ’

Egeo “The sea for me”, Vicky Markolefa, Bastian Fischer, 2019, 13 ‘

21:45 Open talk with directors Bastian Fischer and Vicky Markolefa

22: 30 Lotzia – Pantanassa | Video Art

23:30 Pantanassa | Audiovisual Installation

ATLANTIS, Vicky Markolefa, Bastian Fischer (Mind the Bump), Greece / Germany


20:00 Old School | Short Films

21:00 Lotzia | Video Art

22:00 Central Square | 3D Mapping

PIECES of MEMORIES, Eri Harigai, Japan

SIKINOS CASTLE, Panagiotis Tomaras, Greece


19:30 Workshop for kids with Cinemathesis

Pre-Cinema Optical Toys

20:30 Central Square | Animation

21:30 Lotzia | Video Art – Animation

22:00 Old School | Puppet show with digital elements

AQUAVITAE, Marine Midy / Mara Bijeljac, France, 30 ’

23:00 Agios Ioannis | VJ Performance

PAINTSCAPES – ALIENSCAPES, Thomas Vallianatos, Greece


20:30 Old School | Documentary

Across Her Body, Zacharias Mavroidis, Greece, 2018, 85 ’

22:00 Open discussion with the director Zacharias Mavroidis

22:30 Windmill | Light and Dance Performance

Alexithymia, Panagiotis Tomaras / Despina Sanida-Krazia, Greece

23:00 Central Square | Closing ceremony

Alternative traditional music with Madde Vandal


Episkopi of Sikinos in virtual reality (VR)

The Legacy of Sikinos, Map with QR codes


NOBODY’S TALES, Elena Mattioli / Flavio Perazzini, Italy

Still, Missing You, Layla Klinger, USA / Israel

Free admission to all activities and screenings of the festival!

Under the auspices and the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and with the donation of the Stavros Niarhos Foundation (SNF).

With the co-organization of the South Aegean Region and the Municipality of Sikinos.