Open Call for Artists

Concept: “Identity” – Applications Closed! Thank you for your submission.

Contemplation on the concept of identity dates back to ancient times, with philosophers, psychologists and sociologists making their own contributions in this eternal conflict. From Aristotle to Leibniz and Hume, the question has always been the same: what is common for everyone but also different for each one?

Identity is defined as our set of perceptions, beliefs and feelings. It ensures the cohesion of one’s self and the cohesion of a community, as well as their uniqueness, it is our place, sex, work, language, aesthetics. It helps us recognise who is similar but also to differ from others.

To avoid existential distress while trying to maintain a coherent picture of ourselves, we define ourselves by narrating stories. Through these verbal, visual or recorded stories, we meet and relate to each other. This way our identity becomes an evolving personal or collective narration, which marks and represents us.

Identity does not cause any problems as long as nobody asks about it… Yet, it creates bonds when one reveals it.

People who live in small communities and keep a vivid memory of who they have been, build a stronger perception of their identity. A narration transmitted and confirmed every day provides connection, solidarity and awareness.

In big contemporary cities, though, the concept of identity is approached as the promotion of individuality instead of the community. Concepts like tradition and customs are considered as old fashioned superstitions. Connection to the past has no place in our brave new world. Forgetting our culture, are we ultimately losing our identity?

If you had to choose only one story about who you are and who we are, which story would you choose? 

Little Islands Festival with the concept “Identity” invites creators and digital artists to submit their proposals under the following categories. This open call is addressed to all creators (individuals, groups or organisations) in Greece and abroad. Submission Deadline: 15 May 2019

  • Video Art / Video Dance (up to 10 min)
  • Performance with digital aspects (Up to 20 min)
  • Short Documentaries (up to 35 min)
  • Short Films (up to 30 min)
  • Animation (up to 15 min)
  • Soundscapes with video (up to 10 min)

Applications Closed! Artists will be informed through e-mail by the end of May!