Open Call for Artists

Our open call is now closed! Thank you all for your creative applications.

Little Islands Festival | Moving Image & Sound seeks to connect the landscape and nature Little Islands Festival (LIF), begins its moving image & sound journey and invites artists experimenting with hybrid artistic practices at the boundaries of the performing and digital arts.


LIF 2022’s new open call through the theme “Communality” places artistic creation at the core of Community to trace the meanings and representations of community life in space, place and time. Through contemporary art, we seek to create a cultural experience that elevates co-creation, shared experience, and participation into a driving force for the day to come. Our starting point is the Aegean region, in which the sea, as an element of unity and separation, constitutes the particular Aegean identity and a culture of self-sufficiency and frugal living, resistance and assertion, mutual support and assistance as a result of the need to transcend maritime borders. The same need defines insular art – a profoundly anthropocentric, popular art, a source of expressing the agony and beauty in every aspect of everyday life, which always incorporates elements of the landscape. We are interested in the local that inspires the global, the two-way relationship between reality and art that draws on the archetypal to bring to life community practices such as celebrations, rituals, myths through new forms of expression. We are interested in unlocking the imaginary and highlighting unseen histories of communities that unfold in the corners of the map, isolated but in constant interaction, bringing local experience into its universal dimension. We want to showcase works that transcend the relationship between locality and universality and re-imagine the concept of community in the present, bringing to life in their own free way collective wisdom and memory, collective archetypes, community practices of coexistence with the environment. In a mixed cultural proposal that merges installations, screenings, music, performance, creative workshops and site specific works, we abolish the creator | viewer dichotomy by involving as organic members different subjects in the creative process. We seek the immersive spectacle that motivates the emotion and sensory bodies, the here and now presence of people with each other, the complement of senses and emotions through which they communicate, thus wanting to elevate participation in collective life.

In an age of flattened unity, of global loneliness, of the absence of a collective vision, we harness the potential of technology to enhance the collective experience and build a platform for exchange and dialogue that gives voice to new and multiple realities. In the face of the collective trauma of today, we advocate art as a way of healing and envision the communities of the future as communities of care.


LIF 2022 is looking for proposals in the following categories: AV PerformancesMusic, VJ, Interactive Installations, Video ArtAnimation, Silent Film with live soundscapesVirtual Reality, 3D Mapping projectionWorkshops. Special emphasis will be given to artistic proposals with live art interventions and works that propose the experience of participation.

Site-Specific “Cosmolocalism”. Each community is local yet recognizes a vast world outside its borders that shapes itself-image. The concept of cosmolocalism wants here to transfer the topical to the imaginary dimension of the universal, the common belonging to humanity, to project the local wealth globally without however eliminating its specificity. Indicatively, the artistic process may involve interconnected works in the form of texts, photographic narratives, music, sounds, films and other forms of digital practices.  This application concerns artists engaged in the research, protection or production of cultural heritage (tangible and intangible) and collective memory of communities in Greece. The selected proposals are scheduled to be presented in the summer of 2022 for the 4th edition of the Little Islands Festival (LIF), in the Cycladic settlement “Castle” of Sikinos. Key words: communality, communal, common, social engaged art. public art, participation, collective action, collective experience, collective consciousness,  live art, experiential art, united, shared, celebrations, rituals, myths, Community practices.


Participants in the category of live acts, site-specific projects and workshops will receive support:
  • In travelling costs, accommodation and technical equipment.
  • With any applications to secure additional funding.
Participants in the category of screenings will have discounted costs for accommodation and ferry tickets from Piraeus to Sikinos and back. For any clarifications contact us at