Little Islands Festival is going to be held in Amorgos 20 & 21 of July 2019.

Amorgos is situated in the south-east part of the Cyclades. It has two natural harbours, Katapola in the middle of the island, and Aegiali in the north. The sea endlessly gives new breath to the wild mountainous landscape of the island, which has been inhabited since the early ancient times. Traces and findings such as marble, ceramic and metal objects, as well as elaborate marble statuettes, provide evidence of organised settlements and civilisation since 5000 BC.


Chora, with its unique architectural beauty, lies below the byzantine castle. White houses and narrow streets complete the scenery. Amorgos is famous for its hiking trails which cover the whole island. Walk on them, enjoy the beauty of the nature and let yourself be led to various cultural monuments. Around Aegiali you can find three picturesque villages: Tholaria, Potamos and Lagkada.

The most important religious landmark is the well-known Monastery of Hozoviotissa, which was built on steep rocks 300 metres above the sea in the 11th century.