Preface to Damyang Pavilion 1 (2014), 3:26min

Preface to Damyang Pavilion 1, Yeh Yi-Li (TWN)

Damyang, a romantic place, is an ancient village that the habitation began since Goryeo Period (918-1392 AD). The living pace is leisure and slow and mankind co-exists with the Nature harmonious for over one thousand years. Here the landscape remains pleasant and the trace of history can be found everywhere, in particular the bamboo forest and rivers and both old and modern houses and pavilions strewn randomly. Inside those pavilions, there are exiled elites and their poems expressing dejection and downtimes ages ago, as well as travelers in a leisure mood in contemporary time.

Nevertheless, the crystal clear rivers, aged houses, verdant bamboo forests, elegant pavilions, and elites and poems, all give me a peculiar feeling of time and space crisscrossing. I found that South Korea aims to preserve old things while in contrast, Taiwan is so eager for new construction.

I adopt the pavilion as a storytelling carrier to describe people, things and objects about Damyang. I intend to create a scenery: the Zen inside bamboo forest, stones in rivers, people in pavilions, the poetic and disappointed past…I intend to reorganize those scenes frozen time and further to generate a displacement of time and space. Scenery creation, thus in a way, is an intention to capture leisure moments going by through the Nature, objects and mankind.

I use my body as a medium. With a combination of Chinese brocade and traditional hanbok fabric, once again I cosplay. For me, body is the media that could rapidly move between space and time the most. Through the way my body transforming into different roles, and my own experiences, I play around pavilions and landscapes at Damyang freely.

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