Lost Connections / Mafiesh Itisal (2015), 5:00min

Lost Connections - Mafiesh Itisal, Sarah Gaafar (UK)

“Exploring themes of memory, family, trauma and heritage, Sarah Gaafar’s film “Lost Connections / Mafiesh Itisal” shows a prayer ceremony lead by the artist’s great-uncle, Sheikh Abdul Moneim Al-Jaafari, a scholar who practised Sufism from 1948 in Luxor, Egypt till his death in 2009. The ceremony is loud and electric, and is gently interrupted by images of the artist’s father, grandparents and other close Egyptian relatives growing up in Luxor. The final interruption is an image of the artist as a child sitting with her baby brother and father in Scotland, UK in 1995. “Lost Connections / Mafiesh Itisal” is an intimate documentation of the artist’s exploration of her own heritage – it is a record of the artist’s conflict between longing and resentment – the longing for knowing oneself and family, and the resentment towards an absent father.”

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