Hunting for movement (2017), 10:32min

Hunting for movement, Artémise Ploegaerts (FR) (NED)

We have so much in common and yet we looked at each other with curiosity and suspicion. The world they live in seemed so unfamiliar to me. Humans have lived within nature, they’ve even manipulated it but yet I entered a territory that was not really mine; a place where I was being carefully observed and sensed. A place where I felt like the other, where they and I were separated. To them I was a predator.
At first they remained still, they hid, they ran away, they camouflaged themselves. So I had to be patient and wait. I had to listen carefully. I had to look attentively. I had to move thoughtfully. I might have become animal again, discovering the unfamiliar.
I was hiding behind my camera. I was hunting for movement, a movement that you don’t always see but sense. This movement was guiding my camera like the camera directs the gaze. ‘Hunting for movement’ is a filmic experience of the movement of animals and insects, and of the time it takes to see them move. It is a remembrance that we used to live among them.

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