Overmark (2018), 11:30min

Overmark, Travis Donovan (USA)

This work investigates masculinity, class, and the complex emotions and tensions linked with the shifting manifestations of each in the American South. I interrogate tropes and stereotypes associated with economic class distinctions and masculinity as I remember them as a male growing up in the southern Appalachian Mountains. Overmark is a term used to describe the ritual of male animals claiming territory or establishing dominance through urination. I’m interested in the discussion of the value and futility of this act, and comic aspects as it relates to various rituals that define notions of masculinity in the southern United States. The invisible objects in this work are objects of status utilized in rituals that defined stereotypical masculinity. They are slowly revealed as the gold liquid dribbles over them. Juxtaposing criticism and pride, I utilize humor and an acerbic look at materials, objects, and actions to challenge notions of social standards and to complicate and generate new discussions around masculinity, privilege, status, and identity.

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