Measured in Millimeters, (2018), 3:05min

Measured in Millimeters, Autumn Doyle (USA)

The sound of camera shutters and film reels have the potential to trigger an emotional response. That emotion is tied to a memory, maybe captured in minutes past, or many ages ago. One may remember old family films, news reels from past wars, the smile of someone in the photo frame, or those standing behind the camera taking the photograph. These sounds find that dusty place where memories are stored and summon them in a flash. Within the werke of Measured in Millimeters, an 8mm projector slowly activates. The static noise of the heated lamp fills the space as if embodying the cobwebs often associated with hard-to-find memory. The ticking of the film as it passes through the machine provides the vehicle for recovery. Above all is the irregular click and wind of a 35mm SLR camera. The sound of the shutter frames the summoned memory; that captured moment in tyme, immortalized on reel, in book or in frame.

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