Time-ColLapse (2016), 3:37min

Time-ColLapse, Athina Kanellopoulou (GR)

Time determines the duration; however how is the time defined in the field of memories? The determination has rather a relational nature and follows a path that varies, based on internal and external conditions, with non-linear relationships and connections.
The clock is a tool that serves to determine the moments and duration; so it is a time specifier. Everyone who uses a memory palace understands the time collapsing. The indicators stops evincing the duration and are tied up in a moment, there is no exact meaning of phrases (like “1 hour before” or “2minutes after that”); instead of time, there are the relations that divide and unite memories.
Keeping this non-linearity, the indicators of the clock, in the stop motion animation Time ColLapse, are animated, creating their own abnormal movement, indicating that the memory and the relations of memories with the mnemonic loci follow a heterochrony. The only time determination, which refers to the concept of time in this video, is a light that simulates daylight, a reference to an internal time.

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