absolut:repair (2016), 7:00min

absolut:repair, Richter/Meyer/Marx (GER)

“The line is the sensation of its own realization.”
Cy Twombly, American painter
A body is read from an aesthetic point of view. What does a body say? What does a movement? Are there limits to the movement? Is a movement correctable? Three performers repeat a single movement phrase for some minutes – on the House Music of K_chico. A stoic attempt to observe the counting of measure and choreography. Over a long period of time the movement is apt to changes, omissions and shifts. What is the correspondence between music and movement? What decisions are made at the moment of making music and movement?
“Anything can happen during these encounters, where the only thing planned is that theory ambitiously gives itself to improvisation.” This quote by André Lepecki also applies to this intervention exercise because the performer goes at this public meeting, in this body dialogue between mechanics and music, between failure and repair, to a uncharted land. A movement is visible from the moment of realization: What are the consequences of decisions? What is de-individualization? Is that it?

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