Little Islands Festival is a new festival for people, places, ideas and images. It is a celebration of audiovisual arts based in Sikinos and willing to connect more and more little Greek islands every year.

Through the festival, we seek to act as a link between the little islands and modern art and technology, to support artists from the local community and every other place, and to highlight the intangible cultural heritage, the beauty and the power of every small community all around the world.

We want to be part of the place but also part of the trip, just like every small island does. So every year we choose a new story to tell, a new path to discover, a new beginning to connect with people and emotions.

In collaboration with artists experimenting with new forms of audiovisual art, we strengthen the creative community, encourage the exchange of ideas and knowledge, and actively support the interaction between place, artist and visitors.

At the same time, through educational workshops and open talks, we aim at educating children and adolescents living on small islands and raising the awareness of the local community on issues of art and technology.

Our program hosts a wide range of works on digital media, such as: installations, 3D mapping projections, vj art, video art, VR, performances, animation, short films, documentaries, experimental cinema and workshops.

LIF not only encourages each visitor to learn something about the place but it also motivates him to follow a path discovering it experientially. A little square, an alley, a courtyard of a Byzantine church may reveal another dimension with sounds and images, which transforms the walk into an interactive experience.

The LIF is ultimately a modern, collective feast for the eyes that recreates the public space and creates new landscapes in old places.



Behind Little Islands Festival, under the distinctive title “Creative Islands” is a non-profit organization based in Syros with its main scope consisting in organizing events, seminars, speeches, workshops & festivals.

The main core of all of our activities is the promotion of experiential education in the fields of contemporary culture, research, technology and art while strengthening decentralized artistic creation, as well as the promotion of the European and international cultural heritage (tangible and intangible).