Open Call for Artists

Our site-specific open call for Sikinos has already closed! Thank you!

Living Environments

Little Islands Festival | Moving Image & Sound seeks to connect the landscape and nature with man and art by initiating an exploration of their natural and imaginary boundaries. The Site-specific Open Call under the name “Living Environments” is looking for artists of all nationalities who are experimenting with new forms of audiovisual arts and media such as mapping projection, multimedia | interactive installation, VR, performance.

The field of artistic research is Sikinos, a small island in the southern part of the Cyclades, known for its pristine landscapes and its fortified settlement. Unaffected by mass tourism and stubbornly refusing to adapt to the modern demands for “development”, Sikinos is chosen as a place of symbolism. A place that outlines the concept of “Living Environments” through the long coexistence of human society with nature.

Activating public art in the island landscape, LIF reflects on the cultural essence and the collective memory of a place, in search of a modern social landscape where the boundaries of art, nature, and life are intertwined and fuel each other.

Artists are invited to mobilize the myth, the mystery, and the imagination, which will envision how the different and dynamic cultural heritage of the Aegean landscape narrates experiences and shapes everyday life. In a world where spatial barriers in communication, movement and exchange are constantly diminished, the uniqueness of space as a cultural mediator of broader social, economic, and political processes determines daily life and gives meaning to the present by negotiating experiences, values, and identities associated with it.

Embracing new technologies and their potential, we invite you to discover together new ways of connecting and reconnecting with nature, cultural heritage, and the environment – beyond the strict human scale and its measures.

In a context of conflict of different [cultural] values, can we determine which will prevail?

Application Description:

Artists are invited to choose one of the following themes for the creation of projects that interact with specific locations of the settlement “Kastro”. The selected proposals are scheduled to be presented in the program of the Little Islands Festival | Moving Image & Sound, 21 to 25 August 2021. The proposed works that will be selected can be created remotely in collaboration with the curators of LIF or during a residency in Sikinos, for the development of their work, two months before their final presentation at the festival.

Mapping Projection: (up to 15 minutes)

The demolished house that dominates the square of the settlement ‘Kastro’ is in itself an artistic intervention that emerged over time. Often, when visitors see the ruins of the house, they wonder about its history, looking for stories about the mystery that surrounds it. Artists are invited to explore through digital mapping, concepts of the personal environment and the conditions of human existence.

2. Installation: Old Cycladic Windmill

Windmills are a special form of folk architecture and are associated with the economic and historical development of the Cycladic landscape. Such a windmill, with the signs of time and abandonment visible on it, will be the canvas of the creative composition of the artist. Interested artists are invited to submit their proposals on issues related to the surrounding area of ​​the windmill and its historical significance.

3. Interactive Installation: Sheltered Passageway

The public space in the Cyclades penetrates the private with ingenuity and simplicity. The roofs, the passages, the irregular plateaus, the recesses and the stairs consist an experiential tour around the Cycladic settlements. Functionality and aesthetics are present and reconciled with the minimum possible movements. It is admirable how obvious the economy of space is, while it is questionable how can public space in its modern expression fail to present any such examples. Artists are called to create an interactive installation that explores the use of public space, its meaning and activation in relation to time and human interaction.

4. Performance: Agios Ioannis Church

A call for a performance with digital elements that integrates aspects of intangible cultural heritage while it adapts its directorial structure in the courtyard and the facade of the Cycladic church of Agios Ioannis.

5. Virtual Reality

Those interested are invited to create through their own artistic viewpoint, virtual environments that converse with the cultural identity of Sikinos. Artists are free to incorporate elements from imaginary or ancient cultures in order to create a virtual world that deals with different perspectives on realities already known.


nature, man, humanism, human measure, culture, coexistence, collective memory, identity, cultural heritage, tradition, myth, past, present, future, urban reality, digital age, evolution, social coexistence, new perspectives, community, creation.